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Wood staining is the process of giving wooden surfaces protection and adding a decorative finish. The beauty of wood staining is that you can accentuate the natural beauty of timber, add a desired colour, or just highlight the lovely textures of wood. Alternatively, wood staining can be used to imitate wood, or as a ‘repair and maintenance’ effect by concealing any defects of a surface.

The majority of wood stains are either transparent or semi-transparent: they’re used to ‘tone’ the wood, however opaque and fully masking wood stains are also available. Using an opaque stain will still leave the wood’s texture visible. So you can see that wood staining is a very versatile process and can be used in a multitude of situations.

Our professional team have an enormous amount of experience and expertise with painting and staining of house renovations, commercial buildings, town-houses and condominiums. The effect of staining can be simply stunning when handled correctly and by using the right products. And that’s what we’re here for: talk to us about your staining or painting requirements. We can offer professional advice on the right treatment and products to use in your circumstance, and of course the best result will be obtained by getting us, the experts, to carry out this work for you. You’ll be highly impressed when you see how we can showcase your beautiful furniture and surfaces

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