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Kaplan Construction has key business portfolio in projects which are Residential, Commercial and Custom Houses and helps client's design, decorations and building with consiradable experience .Kaplan Construction is leader in offering best affordable prices and variety services including:

  • Painting Services
  • Popcorn Removal
  • Kitchen Cabinet Spray
  • Drywall Patch and Frame
  • Stain and varnish
  • Consulting of interior and exterior home design
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We are always thinking about how to make your experience with Kaplan Constraction better — from how we communicate and collaborate with you to expert painting techniques, popcorn removal, kitchen cabinet spray, drywall fix, stain and interior home design skills.

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While working with your home or business Kaplan Constraction takes great pride in the smallest details, giving every space the attention it deserves..

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The promises made to Kaplan Construction customers is a first priority. From the timing of your project to the budget, our professionals keep their word.

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We Are Professional & Carefully Home Services.

Kaplan construction has qualified professionals to take over your home as their own house. And they will keep their word for make our valuable customer happy.

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Exterior House Painting Markham

Kaplan Construction is a construction, modelling, and maintaining company based in Toronto...

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Exterior House Painting North York

Kaplan Construction is a construction and modelling company based in Toronto...

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Interior House Painting Markham

We are a Toronto-based company that excels in everything related to construction...

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Interior House Painting North York

Our Kaplan Construction company offers excellent service for interior house painting...

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Popcorn Removal Markham

Popcorn Removal Markham is not trendy in modern ceilings designs because they are...

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Popcorn Removal North York

Popcorn ceilings use to be the most popular design in the times of 80’s but now in...

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Drywall Fix and Framing Markham

As people get to know more about products that can help them build their homes or upgrade...

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Drywall Fix and Framing North York

Drywall is something that more people seem to consider to put on their walls as it is more...

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Unfinished Basements Markham

We at Kaplan Construction provide services for Unfinished Basements Markham because our...

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Unfinished Basement North York

Kaplan Construction is a construction, modeling, and Maintenance Company based in Toronto...

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Kitchen Cabinet Spray

Instead of painting your kitchen cabinets at an off-site facility, we set up our fully

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Consulting of interior and exterior home design

Is your home in need of a face-lift? Are you ready for a change? Don’t stress over the color selection

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Stain and Varnish

Wood staining is the process of giving wooden surfaces protection and adding a decorative finish.

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